It all started in Brooklyn in the early nineteen hundreds. My grandfather was selling olive oil and other products by horse and wagon and then eventually opened a grocery store in East New York area of Brooklyn. My father came to work for my grandfather and of course met my mother; he worked there for a while and then opened his own store a small supermarket in Ozone Park, Queens and then another on Long Island in Westbury. I was thirteen when my father used to drag me to work with him on weekends and summer vacations.

After quite a few years he closed the supermarkets and went out to long Island and started opening Italian Deli’s he eventually had six they were named Renata’s.

He helped me open my own store in Westbury in 1966 I was 24; I was there for 21 years. I liked the Italian Deli business but liked the sandwich end better. I came out to Ronkonkoma in 1987 and opened Pond Deli a complete industrial area deli (no more Sunday’s) I loved that.

In 1994 I was approached to build a deli at Lincoln Ave & Church Street in Bohemia by the owner of the property. I built Cooky’s Deli and have been there ever since, my daughter has been working for me probably since she was 13 and hopefully she will carry on the Cooky tradition.


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